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Introducing GHOST SHIP-the latest in the Zilla Gillette thriller series

Obviously I've neglected this blog. Sorry. I'll make an effort to correct that in 2018, now that the second novel in the Zilla Gillette series is published and I'm working on the third book, scheduled for release in the spring/summer time frame. If you're new to my website and the novels I write, here's a little context:

I write about things that scare me.

In my second novel, Ghost Ship, the horror of human trafficking and the plight of Rohingian Muslims in Myanmar conjured a storyline about vessels carrying stolen human cargo, transiting the arctic. When nine teenagers vanish off a beach near Nome Alaska, intrepid reporter Zilla Gillette and her reporting partner at the Anchorage Daily Standard, Ray Walker, track the vessel by its foreign flag to owners in the United States. 

I wrote about human trafficking to raise awareness of this terrible crime that continues to victimize men, women and children across the planet.

In my first novel, American Home Wrecker, reporter Zilla Gillette investigates and reports on the plans of a dangerous militia that is determined to seize control of the government. First in Alaska and then in the rest of the nation. The militia is led by a hate filled, bitter leader who is angry at what he perceives as a failing government system. General Alex Burke hated having a black president, he hated the emergence of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinto and decides he is the only one who can lead the country back to some imagined greatness of long ago. 

I wrote this book because the rise in anti-government separatist groups alarmed and worried me.

I'm currently working on Zilla's third adventure. It features the divide between environmentalists and development proponents, nuclear waste, an enormous earthquake and escalating international tensions. Oh my!

If you've read a Zilla adventure, thank you.

Please consider leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads. If you have story ideas for Zilla's future investigations, let me know! Send me an email. I love the feedback. 


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