American Home Wrecker

American Home Wrecker

The first novel in the Zilla Gillette thriller series


In the first of a new series of thriller novels by journalist and author, Lori Townsend, we meet no-nonsense news reporter Zilla Gillette. After witnessing her mother's murder as a small child, Gillette is raised by a father who is determined she will always be able to defend herself. Years of training in Martial Arts by her late father shapes Zilla into a tough, smart and unyielding reporter when it comes to testing the limits of endurance - just like Alaska, the state she calls home. She always meets her deadline and she'll do (almost) anything to get the story - especially when it comes to exposing a racist militia group she suspects are responsible for recent homicides in Anchorage. 

The militia is led by the ruthless "General" Alex Burke, a Vietnam Veteran who is bitter about the direction of the country. The General plans a revolution to seize leadership and create New Patriot Alaska before advancing his plan to take America back. To help recruit citizen soldiers to the Double Eagle Patriots militia, Burke enlists the skills of a lethal "New Messiah", the seductively evil Jamie Lynn Carter, who is only too happy to woo new troops and kill detractors. Her beauty is an asset to the General's plans, but her taste for illegal drugs becomes a deadly point of contention.  

With the help of astute fellow reporter Ray Walker, her friend Mo Scott a gentle but fierce survivor of domestic violence, and the intriguing head of homicide, Sergeant August Platonovich, Zilla risks her life to report on this well-armed, murderous group bent on total destruction.